Instructions for EIP2020 for Incarcerated Persons, and Notice of Cut-off for Receiving Payment in Calendar Year 2020

Instructions for Incarcerated Persons to complete Economic Impact Payment request on paper form having (1) not filed a return already, (2) not been included on a joint return, and (3) no earned income in 2019. Source: The simplified paper tax return method requires you to have a blank IRS 1040 (or IRS 1040-SR for seniors) for Year Ending 2019. Write EIP2020 across the top of 1040 (2019) or 1040-SR (2019) if you are filing to qualify for Economic Impact Payment in Tax Year 2020.

Fill in your Name, Address, Social Security number, enter $1.00 on each of lines 2b, 7b and 8b, and $0.00 on line 11b (no other amounts on other lines), sign and date the form, and mail it to the address below. The address in Texas for filing without enclosing a payment is DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY, INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, AUSTIN TX 73301-0002. But the address is different for various states or for enclosing a payment voucher.

Mail the 1040 (or the new 1040-SR for seniors) to the IRS by November 4, 2020 for payment in this calendar year. (The date was extended twice for incarcerated to file. Source: If you miss the deadline, file anyway, but don’t expect payment until after January 1, 2021.

Friends or family can help you with filing, but you will need to personally sign the form yourself. It has been MSCP mailroom policy to deny IRS forms into TDCJ in the past, so good luck with that. According to our source at TDCJ, an inmate should send an Inmate Request form I-60 to the Unit Law Library for information about qualifying, and to receive a free blank form 1040. If your Unit or Facility (including Local and County jails) does not have blank forms, they can be ordered from the IRS in bulk at  or call 800-829-3676 to place an order by phone.

Direct Deposit of the Economic Impact Payment may not be practical because the Name on the Return must match the Name on the account. It has also been MSCP mailroom policy to deny checks payable directly to inmates. You will also need to sign the check for deposit into an account.

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