Texas Legislature

Secretary Nelson Convenes 88th Texas Legislature

The Texas State Senate – Members of the Texas Senate

           Texas House of Representatives : House Members

United States Congress

(United States Congress elections, 2024 – Ballotpedia)

           Members of the U.S. Congress | | Library of Congress

Processes From Within the Walls

           Prison Grievances: – When to Write, How to Write

                     The Law – Prison Grievances:

                     The System – Prison Grievances:

                     The Cases – Prison Grievances:

Advocacy on the Outside (Legal Issues)

Innocence Network Directory

Advocacy on the Outside (Prison & Jail Conditions)

TDCJ Directories & TDCJ Resources

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles Home Page

Community Supervision & Corrections Department Directory (Probation)

Resources for Advocates

           Naljor Prison Dharma Service – SourcePoint Global Outreach

Other Restorative Justice Organizations in Texas

Other Restorative Justice Organizations Outside of Texas

Resources for Inmates and Inmate’s Families

SecureView Tablet by Securus Technologies

SecureView Tablet the Securus Tablet – Securus Technologies

Friends and Family Video Visitation at SecurusTech

TDCJ News – Remote Video Visitation ( (The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) has implemented two remote video visitation systems, Securus and Tablet Video Visitation to help families and friends stay in touch.)

Other Resources

Reading Resources

Guide To Legal Writing Style, Fifth Edition Terri LeClercq, Karin Mika $89.00 ISBN: 9780735599987

Prison Grievances: – When to Write, How to Write

Prison Grievances: Reviews of books about prison inmate issues.

Custodial Death Report | Office of the Attorney General (

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